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Coaching for lawyers


Most lawyers have a self-imposed expectation that they need to provide all the answers all of the time. The reality is, particularly when it comes to their own personal situation and development, many lawyers struggle to find their own solutions when they really need it.

My appreciation of this reality, and having been there myself, provides a good starting point from which to build a strong coaching relationship with lawyers at all stages of their careers. Challenges can range from being a new leader, needing support with planning and project management, through to bearing responsibility for a range of issues yet not necessarily always having the authority to solve them.

Ways of working with lawyers

My legal career in both private practice and in-house roles leaves me well placed to support your coaching needs.

Our work is underpinned by us building a strong, empathetic relationship  Next, we have an honest, objective and insightful analysis of the challenges at hand. From this we develop a realistic yet challenging action plan designed to drive the change you seek.

A consistent ingredient to our work is having a positive mindset and the belief and motivation to succeed. I will listen actively, enable you to focus on your strengths, and will encourage self-reflection. This combination creates the environment for you to discover the best way forward.


Your contribution is critical, and, at your best, you will have a multiplier effect on the coaching relationship. By bringing a combination of honest, commitment, energy and a preparedness to take risks, you will give yourself the best chance of success.

So what is the net effect my coaching? I am confident you will identify your enduring solutions to your challenges, and so give yourself the edge to succeed on your terms.

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