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I work with ambitious lawyers, accountants, technologists and entrepreneurs to help them find enduring solutions to their business or personal challenges. Using my commercial experience, in combination with best in class coaching techniques, I enable those I work with to discover the right outcome for themselves.

Key to any successful coaching relationship is the rapport between coach and client. Without this, the real work becomes all but impossible. By building empathy, creating a safe, generative space, and encouraging my clients to engage in honest self-analysis and reflection, I empower them to take action. This invariably facilitates a change and helps them find their “edge”.

Meet Oliver

My practice focuses on working with ambitious lawyers, accountants, technologists and entrepreneurs to enable them to find enduring solutions to whatever their business or personal challenge may be.

What is coaching?

Coaching comes in all sorts of different styles, approaches and flavours. In this short video I explain my take on business coaching. 

How do I choose a coach?

Having the right coach can be transformational. But how do you get the one that is right for you?






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