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Coaching for technologists


Technologists are invariably experts at what they do yet can often find it challenging to take non-experts with them on their creative journeys. Unless their brilliance it can be translated digestibly, succeeding with leadership and in commercial terms can become really difficult.

Having spent the bulk of my time in commercial roles in technology businesses acting as a bridge between the technologists and the business, my understanding of this context gives me a head start in working with technologists. I understand enough about their world to undercover their true blockers and opportunities quickly to allow focused work. Invariably, like all other experts, technologists already hold the answers to the presenting challenges; my role is to enable you to figure out where that answer resides, to help you uncover it, articulate it and benefit from it.

Ways of working with technologists

My experience in technology businesses at all stages of maturity leaves me well placed to support your coaching needs.

Our work is underpinned by us building a strong, empathetic relationship   Next, we have an honest, objective and insightful analysis of the challenges at hand. From this we develop a realistic yet challenging action plan designed to drive the change you seek.

A consistent ingredient to our work is having a positive mindset and the belief and motivation to succeed. I will listen actively, enable you to focus on your strengths, and will encourage self-reflection. This combination creates the environment for you to discover the best way forward.

Your contribution is critical, and, at your best, you will have a multiplier effect on the coaching relationship. By bringing a combination of honest, commitment, energy and a preparedness to take risks, you will give yourself the best chance of success.

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