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The longer I’ve been working the more I accept that I don’t know everything; now I’m brave enough to admit it! As a consequence, I’m a big believer in partnerships, and combining the right skills, experience and talent when the circumstances demand it. 

I take these principles into my coaching and consulting work, and do everything I can to bring others in when I can’t help, rather than overpromising and under delivering.

Catalyst Thinking Partnersa diverse network of like-minded coaches and mentors who all met on the same coaching course at Henley Business School. We offer clients a wide range of coaching skills and styles, and come from a range of business backgrounds. We support each other and refer work when appropriate. 

Lawyers Coach podcast – born out of fear and boredom during lockdown, fellow recovering lawyer and coach Claire Rason and I launched our Lawyers Coach podcast, aimed at the legal industry. It’s a series of podcasts that aims to find out what makes lawyers tick. Claire also runs her own consultancy, Client Talk. 

Joss Mathieson – Joss is one of the founding members of Catalyst Thinking Partners and runs his own consultancy, Change Oasis. He’s also a great friend and inspiration. As and when necessary, we combine our powers and deliver coaching, training and consultancy programmes. We co-authored the Empathy Manifesto, and both believe that empathy is a superpower we can all develop, and which should play a part in everyone’s business and personal life.






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